St. Clair Animal Control: “We are checking into the legitimacy of vaccination upon intake”

St. Clair County, IL Animal Welfare Advocates

“We are checking into the legitimacy of vaccination upon intake,” says St. Clair Animal Control (SCCAC) Director Jim Jacquot. This animal shelter, located in Belleville, is representative of shelters everywhere who are often too hard-headed to change the way they do things now to a new system that would benefit the animals in their care.

St. Clair, Illinois Animal Welfare Advocates have been documenting incidents for more than 18 months now and recently took their findings to the States Attorney, who suggested Mark Kern be informed of the situation. Kern has been St. Clair County Board Chairman since 2004.

In March, April and May, advocates met with Kern and Jacquot at no cost to the county on how to improve care at the local shelter. Methods discussed included

*applying for grants

*vaccination upon intake

*cleaning procedures to prevent disease

*temperament testing on dogs

*better photography to promote the shelter pets

*changing adoption procedures, including those regarding pit bulls

More methods can be found here.

Despite there being many cases of parvo, the Director Jacquot is accused of being more concerned about being sued should a pet’s owner to find his pet re-vaccinated than in the spread of a disease that could wipe out most of the pets housed at the shelter.

The director has also refused to offer help in filling out grant applications that would pay for the vaccines. Grants to help promote and protect the animals and would come at no cost whatsoever to the county are tossed aside, despite Animal Control Act (510ILCS 5/7 Chapter 8 paragraph 357) supporting intake vaccination.

The Chameleon software the taxpayers spent $9.6K on to track dog bites, strays and human cases is going to waste because the director isn’t using it.

This is a case where the public in St. Clair County is going to have to rise up and demand transparency, because the shelter director has taken it all away( although the shelter director disagrees with that statement).  Animal Control is supported by tax dollars, meaning the residents have a right to know how the cats and dogs who enter the facility are being cared for.

The Facebook: St. Clair, IL Animal Welfare Advocates community page recommends residents attend St. Clair Animal Control meetings, which are held on Mondays, with the next meeting  July 25, 6 pm, St. Clair County Courthouse, 5th Floor. The advocates are asking the shelter to go low-kill and for Jacquot to be replaced as director.

There are mixed feeling about how St. Clair Animal Control is being run. Click here for more information on those who support and those who are against how the shelter is being run.

Has this shelter changed for the better since spring 2016? Or are things getting worse? Those in the St. Claire area are urged to leave a comment on the present situation.


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