Rescue who saves cats despite a lack of “pledges” needs help with beautiful kitten


This is Cammy, a beautiful kitten saved from Cabarrus County Animal Control, a kill shelter in Concord North Carolina on August 2. Cammy had surgery this week for multiple pelvic fractures.

Paw It Forward Animal Rescue is the small time rescue who saved Cammy and is responsible for her medical treatment. I’ve watched this rescue for several months as they save cats at the Concord shelter. Despite a lack of pledges (no one is pledging much these days), Paw It Forward saves as many cats as they can from kill shelters in North Carolina. They don’t save more than they can handle, and they’re not constantly begging for money. Now they need our help.

X-ray photo provided by Paw It Forward
X-ray photo provided by Paw It Forward Animal Rescue

Cammy’s vet bill is expected to hit at least $1,000. A YouCaring webpage has been set up for donations and tax-deductible. Donations may also be called into South Ridge Veterinary Hospital (704-933-1414) for Cammy under the Paw It Forward account.

Photo by Paw It Forward
Photo by Paw It Forward

An update was posted August 5 on their Facebook page

“Cammy’s surgery went well and they feel it was successful. A little harder than anticipated because the poor little girl has lived with this injury longer than they’d initially thought (injury is older than they thought). She may have a hernia but we’ll further explore and address that. If applicable, when she is spayed. As the vet put it. she’d been put through enough surgery for today.

She is on meds — antibiotic, kitty morphine, anti-inflammatory and is not very happy about having a collar on. Thank you for your prayers and donations toward her medical treatment. We (Cammy included) really appreciate the support.”

Photo by Paw It Forward
Photo by Paw It Forward

Please donate a few dollars if you can. Not just for Cammy, but for the many other cats they rescue from NC kill shelters. Updates on Cammy will be posted on their Facebook page. Check out this page for photos of cats available for adoption and those who were adopted in the past to good indoor homes.

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