Arkansas mayor calls for a city ordinance requiring mandatory spay/neuter of cats and dogs

Miller County Courthouse (Arkansas

An Arkansas mayor is calling for a city ordinance requiring mandatory spay/neuter of cats and dogs, with consequences for those who fail to comply. Mayor Ruth Penney-Bell announced plans for the ordinance at an August 1 meeting of the Texarkana Board of Directors.

Although Penney-Bell offered no details on the new ordinance, she suggested a fine against people who failed to spay or neuter their pets. Texarkana faces the same challenges as other communities across the U.S.-too many irresponsible pet owners and too many abandoned pets. The same pets that eventually end up at Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The shelter created a backlash last week on social media hen shelter director Charles Lokey reported he no longer wanted to use the downstairs section due to deteriorating conditions. Online rumors quickly sprang up that dozens of animals would be euthanized.

The Texarkana community  and local animal rescues responded and saved many of the dogs and cats, which relieved shelter overcrowding. The air conditioning unit was repaired by Aloha Aire so the animals were made more comfortable in the August heat. Lowe’s Home Improvement along with other local businesses have offered their assistance in fixing crumbling concrete block walls, wiring problems, and loose insulation.

Penney-Bell stated she is very proud of the members of the Texarkana community who stepped up to help.

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