Tiger’s Justice News Team posts “Fasten Your Seatbelt” update on Kristen Lindsey case

Tiger Justice News Team

Tiger;s Justice News Team posted a “Fasten Your Seatbelt” update August 6 on their Facebook community page where they updated their followers on how “busy bee” Kristen Lindsey will be spending the rest of the year trying to get out of the trouble she’s gotten herself into after killing a cat named Tiger, whose picture she quickly posted on her Facebook page in 2015.

Here’s the update:

8/10/16 marks Lindsey’s next scheduled appearance in Harris County Criminal Court pursuant to her notorious DWI case. Readers will recall that during the wee hours of 3/21/16, Lindsey narrowly avoided vehicular impact with an off-duty deputy who reported her erratic driving. Lindsey subsequently hit a curb before being arrested, charged, and released on $1,000.00 cash bond.

8/17/16 is the scheduled hearing date for Lindsey’s absurd suit against the Texas vet board in Travis County District Court. Through her attorney Brian Bishop, Lindsey is attempting to sue the vet board, arguing that it lacks the authority and jurisdiction to take disciplinary action against her veterinary license. Of course, this is precisely one of the vet board’s functions.

Both parties have filed motions for summary judgment (settling the case without a hearing.) The deadline for filing responses to these motions is 8/8/16, leaving approximately one week for the judge to issue a ruling or allow the case to proceed to hearing.

9/6/16 is the deadline for SOAH’s administrative law judges to issue their findings and recommendations on Lindsey’s license revocation hearing. This is called a “Proposal for Decision” or PFD. The judges may submit the PFD prior to that date, so it could come at any time. Once it is issued, Lindsey and the vet board will each have 15 days to file exceptions (arguments) to the PFD.

Unfortunately, a judge may take as long as he likes on the recommendations as to whether Lindsey will lose her license to practice veterinary medicine. Said judge may also modify the PFD before making a final decision. A vet board spokesperson recently stated

“At the earliest, the case could be presented to the full Board at the meeting scheduled for October 18, 2016. However, Board Staff expects that this case will likely be presented to the full Board at the meeting scheduled for January 24, 2017.”

If Kristen Lindsey thinks dragging this case out will make the public forget how she killed an innocent cat in cold blood, she should study the Michael Vick case. It’s been nine years since that one and we haven’t forgotten.

It’s possible Lindsey may be punished for her DUI charges before the Tiger case is decided on. Tiger’s Justice News Team would like to thank everyone who has supported them in their efforts to bring Justice for Tiger.

With college football, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas still ahead of us, Lindsey should be careful not to cause any more damage to her already shattered reputation.  We must all hope that in the end, justice will be served, abeit the wheels turn slowly in the world of courtroom drama.

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Update content used with permission from their Facebook page administrators.

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