Photos from Tri-County Animal Shelter in Albany, Kentucky spark outrage among animal advocates


In Honor of Tri-County Shelter Cats asked for this update from August 8 to be posted to this article

“So, I called the judge exec’s office quite a few times today, to which I have been told each time that he is not in his office. Finally, I asked to speak to Joy (his wife/deputy). I honestly politely asked her what changes they planned to make aboutthe shelter and if anything was going to be done. She said  “we have a meeting on the 18th if that’s something you are interested in”. I replied, “so nothing plans to be done for the animals between now and then?” Her response “I’m not the judge and I’m not the fiscal court, I can’t make that decision, you will have to ask them.” I told her I had been trying to call and have yet to reach him, so I asked when he would be back in because he apparently hadn’t been in all day. She said she didn’t think she had to speak to me after all that I had said and hung up! To say that I am OUTRAGED is an understatement! Please blow the phone up. They WILL listen to us! They will hear what we have to say!
Phone # 606-387-5234
Ask for Joy since JE Armstrong doesn’t believe in being in his office.”

Update: New article here. Videos and photos banned.

Update: More photos, video and how you can help is on this GoFundMe webpage for the cats. Donations can also be made to Franklin County Humane Society by clicking here

The photos that were taken Sunday at Tri-County Animal Shelter in Albany, Kentucky are horrific and have sparked outrage by animal advocates as the situation quickly went viral. A rescuer went into the shelter on Sunday to take some cats and this is what she walked into.

This cat will need a leg amputation
This cat will need a leg amputation

The state police were called, but no charges were filed when they came out. Animal advocates are asked to flood the judge exec’s office in Clinton County with calls at 606-387-5234.

His contact is: Clinton County Judge/Executive Richard C. Armstrong 100 South Cross Street Albany, KY 42602 ph: (606) 387-5234 Fax: 606) 387-7651 Email:

These are the other two Counties contracted with the shelter to take in their animals:
Wayne County Judge-Executive
55 North Main St
Suite 103
Post Office Box 439
Monticello, Kentucky 42633
Ph: 606-348-4241
Cumberland county:
Judge Executive John Phelps
600 Courthouse Square
P. O. Box 826
Burkesville, KY 42717
Ph: (270) 864-3444
Fax: (270) 864-1757

A petition is now available here.

An EXTREMELY graphic video of a cat laying dead on the floor can be seen here.  While you may wish to see just how horribly the cats are treated at the shelter, I strongly urge you NOT to watch it!

These innocent babies are currently in the care of Franklin County Humane Society. Any donations for their vetting and care are appreciated. There are 28 (corrected from 29) of them, now safe thanks to Val Heines. One of the cats has an eye infection so bad she will lose her eyes, and another has a severely broken leg, which will need amputation.

A Facebook page with much more information and updates can be found here.

Follow National Cat Reporter on Facebook. This article will be updated once a petition becomes available.

Anyone with information on the history of abuse at this shelter is asked to post in the comments. Some comments are moderated, but I’ll publish as soon as I can. Facebook comments usually go right through.

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  1. need to control the shelters. seems like they do what ever they want to treat themselves above the in their pockets not in their well being of the animals..

    • They do exactly as they please, and if anyone dare open their mouth, they no only kill the suffering animals, they also ban anyone from crossing into the shelter to help. AND there is NO accountability, because NO ONE OVERSEES THESE “JUDGES” who are lucky to have a high school diploma. So that term is in itself a lie. They arent judges, and they treat those animals horribly. ALL THE TIME, not just some of the time. It was expected that they would kill all the dogs, and they did.

  2. These people that Stan this place should be made to live there and treated exactly the same. These people are no good monsters and should be treated like so.

  3. How can no charges be filed in this case of obvious animal abuse and cruelty.
    animal shelters are morally ans ethically responsible to properly care for the animals in their facility.

  4. It’s horrible cruelty and torture for innocent animals. It’s need to stop and people who responsible for it been changed with abuse and animal cruelty!

  5. They call it rescue bullshit this is outrageous needs to be shut down and the person responsible charged with animal cruelty and abuse

    • This is not a rescue’s doing, this is a county ran shelter. A rescuer drove around 3 hours to this shelter, on a Sunday afternoon, to meet with the “rescue coordinator” at the shelter. This is what they walked into. One of the workers said that he took the dead kitten out of a cage on Friday, stuck it in the floor, and forgot about it. So it’s obvious that no one was in the shelter all weekend long, leaving the animals without food and water, or litter boxes.

    • THIS IS NOT RESCUE!!! I want to clear that up right now.
      SO DON’T CONFUSE THIS HOUSE OF HORRORS, WITH RESCUE. Or refer to this as rescue, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • If people will read the title they’ll see the word SHELTER in the title. Also the city and state. I try to make things as clear as possible in the title.

  6. I’m happy to see that the cats there now will be taken care of, but what can we do to help in the long term to prevent this from happening again? Can anyone in that area volunteer to clean the cages, and check in regularly to help and make sure future cats are being cared for? What is needed? OPKIT Kitty Sponsorship Program will help, please let us know how.

  7. These agencies must be monitored and if found to be negligent or abusing these innocent victims , they should be held accountable sanctioned and closed down
    Or taken over by NonProfit or State Agencies
    This is past unacceptable
    Didn’t the FBI make it a crime to abuse these precious babies ?
    Our courts are not honoring these new laws they also should be held liable

  8. If anyone would like more photos and videos from the previous acts of this shelter you can contact us via Facebook.

  9. I worked for several years at the local humane society and my favorite place was with the cats, when they were short on funds, I paid for the cats vet care personally. People that run shelters like this need to be euthanized because they are a abusive plague on our society.

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