Cat thrown from third-story apartment needs help after being rescued from NYC ACC shelter system

Jimbo relaxing Photo courtesy Hurricane Pets Rescue

This is Jimbo, a kitty cat who had suffered abuse even before a horrible individual threw him out of a third-story apartment. Jimbo landed in the NY ACC shelter system, which may be the best thing that ever happened to this sweet boy. He was recently rescued by Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc., a National 501 (C)(3) Nonprofit, and NYC New Hope partner.

Jimbo at NYC ACC
Jimbo at NYC ACC

Hurricane Pets Rescue pulled Jimbo at once the moment they learned about him and he was transferred to their veterinarian in Connecticut, where the rescue learned his abuse started way before he was thrown out of the window. Jimbo has a long way to go on the road to recovery.

Jimbo appears systemically healthy – strong heart, normal lymph nodes, normally feeling kidneys, good teeth, etc.  He needs neutering, he has a cleft palate that needs repair (suspect this is congenital in nature), and the biggest problem is a multitude of orthopedic problems. The right front leg is the worst with a previous fracture of the humerus but both wrists are not normal and the hind legs aren’t working as they should (he walks on his ankles like a human).

Amputation was discussed, but not an option because being that the other legs are all broken too and there is no way for him to get around on three legs when none of his legs are healthy.

Jimbos X-rays
Jimbo’s X-rays (Photo courtesy Hurricane Pets Rescue)

Hurricane Pets Rescue has an amazing veterinarian who made some phone calls and there is a traveling surgeon that works with doctor Marsh, that can do the surgery at a very much reduced rate than the specialist. Still, the price is huge and the rescue needs all the financial assistance they can get.

The original price discussed with a specialist was around $20,000 for the six to eight-hour operation. The reduced quote is $5,000. All deductions are tax deductible. A YouCaring page has been set up here.

The NY ACC spoke with Hurricane Pets regarding opening an investigation to see if the monster or monsters that did this could be caught. ACC responded that their cruelty investigator and the NYPD investigated and  not find enough evidence was found. A petition to put pressure on the NYPD and ACC cruelty investigator so they can re-open that investigation in hopes of seeking justice for Jimbo will be put out soon.

Updates on Jimbo, along with a donation button, can be found on Facebook: Hurricane Pets Rescue community page.

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  1. Sharing this with my 3000 cat friends who have cat friends etcetera etcetera and may this monster that did this go to hell. You’ll be okay Kitty, hang in there!!

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