Couple in Bunkie, Louisiana charged after 26 dogs and 11 cats removed from property

37 animals removed from Bunkie property (KATC screenshot)

A couple in Bunkie, Louisiana has been charged with one count of animal cruelty after 26 dogs and 11 cats living in deplorable conditions were removed from their Avoyelles Parish property. Toney Wade with the Louisiana Animal Task Force, along with around eight others came onto the property to investigate. What they found almost made him sick.

Maxine and Gordon Doughty were charged with one count of animal cruelty. More charges are expected.

The cats on the property were feral and were captured by the Doughtys’ using humane traps,  then moved into pens. The dogs in their care had never been socialized and most had to be tranquilized before being rescued.  They were skinny, covered in fleas and living in their own filth. Most had heartworms.

Multiple dogs were kept in cages in front of the home and multiple cages were found stacked behind the home, as well as dogs roaming inside.

The female owner was very upset at having her pets taken. Wade believes the couple loved their pets but got overwhelmed and unable to physically or financially care for the cats and dogs. Wade advises anyone in a similar situation to contact animal control, as they can work with you to reduce your number of pets so you won’t face prosecution.

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