No more pictures or video may be taken of cats at Kentucky shelter after cats shown living in filth went viral

Cat rescued from Tri-Counties Animal Shelter

In Honor of Tri-County Shelter Cats asked for this update from August 8 to be posted to this article

“So, I called the judge exec’s office quite a few times today, to which I have been told each time that he is not in his office. Finally, I asked to speak to Joy (his wife/deputy). I honestly politely asked her what changes they planned to make aboutthe shelter and if anything was going to be done. She said “we have a meeting on the 18th if that’s something you are interested in.” I replied, “so nothing plans to be done for the animals between now and then?” Her response “I’m not the judge and I’m not the fiscal court, I can’t make that decision, you will have to ask them.” I told her I had been trying to call and have yet to reach him, so I asked when he would be back in because he apparently hadn’t been in all day. She said she didn’t think she had to speak to me after all that I had said and hung up! To say that I am OUTRAGED is an understatement! Please blow the phone up. They WILL listen to us! They will hear what we have to say!
Phone # 606-387-5234
Ask for Joy since JE Armstrong doesn’t believe in being in his office.”

A new policy has been put into place after a video of a dead kitten taken at Tri-County Animal Shelter in Albany, Kentucky went viral on social media beginning Sunday evening. From here on out it’s against the rules for pictures and video to be taken of the cats by those who are trying to save them.

Melissa Bowman, President of Kentuckians Vote for Animals told LEX 18 News that those trying to find homes for the cats through social networking will no longer be allowed to photograph the cats. This means the cats can’t be promoted on rescue or adoption sites and that many more cats won’t get out of this shelter alive. Melissa also added the cats were lacking veterinary care, with cats living in their own feces without food and water.

Twenty-eight cats were removed from Tri-Counties Animal Shelter on Sunday as reported by National Cat Reporter.  As of Wednesday night, 11 of the cats rescued are still waiting for rescue or adoption, with 17 having moved on to rescues. Two had to be euthanized. I’ve heard the one in the original article was one who didn’t survive.

Former volunteers at the shelter are sickened at how the cats are treated and current workers say they have asked Clinton County Judge Executive to get involved in the case. The Judge Executive says his office regrets what has transpired over the past few months and that his office is addressing the issues.

Volunteers say a lack of funding and the shelter being understaffed on the weekend is what is causing the problems. The cats rescued are doing well and showing improvement. Anyone wishing to donate toward their care is asked to donate directly to Franklin County Humane Society.

A petition is now available here.

Clinton County will host a meeting at the Clinton County Courthouse on Thursday, August 18th at 5:00 p.m.

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  1. Shut this place down get someone who would love and take care of a shelter, why not show this so everyone can see how these poor cats are not taking care of, we need stricter laws for poor helpless animals. Find a new place for these kitty’s to go

  2. Just FYI, it’s animal welfare advocates and rescuers who are trying to help these animals. It’s a county govt-run shelter.

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