Petition now available to bring about change at Tri-County Animal Shelter after 28 cats were removed following severe neglect


This is an update on the situation at Tri-County Animal Shelter in Albany, Kentucky. Links to previous National Cat Reporter articles can be found following the update, and should be read first if you’re not aware of the blatant abuse taking place at this shelter. A petition is also available at this time to bring about change.

In Honor of Tri-County Animal Shelter Shelter Cats Albany, Kentucky posted the following August 8 on their Facebook page

“So, I called the judge exec’s office quite a few times today, to which I have been told each time that he is not in his office. Finally, I asked to speak to Joy (his wife/deputy). I honestly politely asked her what changes they planned to make about the shelter and if anything was going to be done. She said  “we have a meeting on the 18th if that’s something you are interested in”. I replied, “so nothing plans to be done for the animals between now and then?” Her response “I’m not the judge and I’m not the fiscal court, I can’t make that decision, you will have to ask them.” I told her I had been trying to call and have yet to reach him, so I asked when he would be back in because he apparently hadn’t been in all day. She said she didn’t think she had to speak to me after all that I had said and hung up! To say that I am OUTRAGED is an understatement! Please blow the phone up. They WILL listen to us! They will hear what we have to say!
Phone # 606-387-5234
Ask for Joy since JE Armstrong doesn’t believe in being in his office.”

In other words, NOTHING can be expected to change, at least not before the August 18 meeting  scheduled for Thursday, August 18th, at 5:00 p.m. at the Clinton County Courthouse.

A petition has been started here at by Community Cats United. Please sign and share this petition, as well as contact government using the information below.

Contact Judge Armstrong:                                                                           Richard C. Armstrong
100 South Cross Street
Albany, KY 42602
ph: (606) 387-5234
Fax: 606) 387-7651

Shelter standards say the cats must have uncontaminated food, clean water. This can’t happen when no one is manning the shelter on the weekend. The Tri-County Animal Shelter promised changes and have continuously broken those promises.

The shelter has recently enacted new rules. One is that the public is only allowed in for only 20 hours a week. The shelter standards clearly state it must be no less than 24 hours a week. By limiting the public access, it will be nearly impossible to move these animals out of this rural shelter and into rescues in other parts of the state. It also makes it very difficult for the public who work to come into the shelter to adopt. This will make it even more difficult for animals to be adopted or rescued.

Another new policy is no photographs or video may be taken of the cats by volunteers and rescues who visit the shelter. How can the cats hope to find a home with restricted adoption times and no photos to share on social media? This conduct is killing cats. Oh-wait! They did that already back in June after shelter volunteers attempted to help improve conditions in the shelter.  The assumed deaths have never been explained nor the  whereabouts of the missing cats disclosed.

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