Grace: Beautiful tortie has been at Upstate kill shelter since June 30

Greenville County Pet Rescue

Update: Rescued September 2016

This is Grace, a beautiful tortie who has been at Greenville County Animal Care, a kill shelter in Upstate South Carolina, since June 30.  Having been at the overcrowded shelter this long, Grace needs immediate rescue or adoption before her time runs out.

Greenville, South Carolina. It’s crowded, dogs are constantly barking and cats just don’t do well in a shelter environment.

Email from shelter saying RESCUED
Email from shelter saying RESCUED

There is a serious situation taking place at this time. Unwanted cats are being killed to make space for more unwanted cats.

Intake: 6/30
Available: Now
NAME: Grace
ANIMAL ID: 32042884
SEX: Female
EST. AGE: 2 yrs
Est Weight: 6 lbs
Temperament: Friendly

If you can help this beauty, please email the shelter at Social media networking has proven to be an effective tool when used to get cats out of high intake shelters. Let’s do all we can to get Grace out of the shelter and on her way to a forever home.

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        • Angel start looking at the top sentence. It tells whether rescued, adopted or presumed dead (which really means dead). This shelter doesn’t keep cats this long. June was a long time ago. There’s only about a week hold time before a cat is rescued, adopted of killed if the shelter is crowded. To ask the shelter to keep a cat an extra month even if it is there won’t happen. You have no idea how many cats get sick and die at this shelter.

  1. Well I going to try to adopt her next Monday or Tuesday because I don’t think they are open on the weekends. I hope I go to the right shelter because I don’t know which shelter she is at.

    • Well you just let me know how that works out trying to adopt a cat who WAS RESCUED IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!! I get emails from this shelter and she’s NOT THERE!!!!!!!!! READ THE TOP SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!

      • Ok geez my doctor told me to get a cat to lower my blood pressure and anxiety. I just wanted to ask can’t I not ask questions plus I am half blind so I can’t see very well.

        • Angela please go to the shelter when you’re ready. It’s on Furman Hall Road in Greenville. They usually have at LEAST 100 cats and will take you through the rooms and allow you to look. Let the cat pick YOU. You’ll know what I mean when you go there. And you’ll do better to adopt an older cat instead of a kitten. Kittens jumping all over the place will make your blood pressure go up and your anxiety worse. I feel sure you’ll find the perfect cat there.

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