More than 50 cats removed from home of 78-year-old Wisconsin woman


More than 50 cats were removed from the home of a 78-year-old Monroe, Wisconsin woman on Monday after complaints were called in of a severe odor.

Monroe home condemned

Police were contacted last week to the 1100 block of 19th Street. When they arrived they found dozens of cats were being kept in the home of Delores Marti, and that the cats were allegedly without care in the dirty home.  Fifty-five cats were found alive and another five were found dead after crews went in wearing protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus necessary for the safety of the rescuers. Some of the cats were very sick, Police Chief Frderick Kelley reported.

The cats were surrendered by Marti and are currently in the care of Green County Humane Society. In an interview with 27 News, Marti denied being a cat hoarder and said she simply loves the cats

“It isn’t a psychological need. I’m a caring person.”

Marti was fined $175 in July 2012 and $175 in December 2013 for violating the ordinance. More than 30 cats were discovered in the home in the 2013 violation. She was also cited in 2010, with orders of all three occasions to raze or repair the homes.

Neighbor and volunteer firefighter Bob Wartenweiler said he hopes this time human services and the health department will help Marti instead of fining her and throwing her out of her home. Wartenweiler says it will take a lot to fix the interior of the home. The Building Insector has deemed the building uninhabitable.  According to a Monroe city ordinance, the legal number of cats allowed by law per household is three.

Charges are pending from municipal complaints for having too many animals, as well as for obstructing police. WKOW News reported Marti has a court date for September. A court hearing is scheduled for Friday for the deposition of the cats at the Green County Humane Society.

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