August 18 meeting at Clinton County Courthouse promised changes at Tri-County Animal Shelter


A meeting was held Thursday, August 18 at the Clinton County Courthouse before Judge Executive (JE) Armstrong after 28 cats were removed and one cat was found dead on the floor earlier this month at Tri-County Animal Shelter in Albany, Kentucky.

This is an update on that meeting. It’s a long, detailed read, but necessary since a lot of information resulting from the meeting needs to be shared.

Judge Armstrong began by saying that changes have been made at the animal shelter, including changing the hours from 10 a.m. until-3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The septic tank issue is being corrected.  A washer, dryer, meds and cages and food are being donated.

Concerned citizens were given two minutes each to speak. Melissa Bowman and Cynthia Criswell, Kentuckians Vote for Animals, distributed letters with copies of KRS 258 shelter standards to the judge, magistrates and rescue coordinator. They recommended short-term solutions for feeding, watering and cleaning and long-term solutions for adoption, vaccinations and spay-neuter.

Val Heines, who rescued the recent large group of cats from the shelter, also spoke. Kathyryn Callahan w HSUS stated that she had made arrangements for Peyton Booher, the rescue coordinator to shadow at another local shelter. She said Peyton needs a key so she can meet rescues for pickup/transport. She also said that, according to a just-released WKYT report, Tri County Albany shelter is listed as one of the three worst in the state.

One particular magistrate (who had also opposed paying for working inmates’ meals) also opposed Peyton having a key to the shelter. How can this magistrate expect cats to be rescued when the building is locked?

Employee Seth Stonecipher’s wife defended her husband, saying that on the recent Sunday video when a dead cat was filmed on the shelter floor James had forgotten to go to the shelter to clean and feed. So at 3 p.m. they were on the way to the shelter. When they learned police were already there, they didn’t want to take their child to the shelter.

Peyton gave a report. She said 60 dogs were saved from euthanasia this month, mostly due to rescue efforts. She admitted falling behind on networking but said she has a lot of other job duties to attend to. She said meds have been ordered for cat upper respiratory infections. She also said detergent had been ordered to deal with parvo.

The Wayne County JE said he is meeting with a group of concerned Wayne County citizens to look at other options for their animals. The Clinton JE agreed to go with rescuers after the meeting to the shelter to pull/photograph animals.

Facebook updates will be posted on the In Honor of Tri-County Animal Shelter Cats & Dogs page.

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