Fake news story about 91-year-old woman making purses out of dead cats once again on social media


The fake news story about a 91-year-old Michigan woman making purses out of dead cats is once again being shared on social media. The original story was posted by Now8News, a media source Snopes says is

“a fake news site that attempts to lure visitors (and the ad revenues they generate) by publishing fake news stories with outrageous clickbait headlines.”

In other words, this didn’t happen! FAKE! The news story details how Marjorie Reynolds, 91, confessed she had taken up arts and crafts after 19 missing dead cats were found in her home. Marjorie was said to have cured and skinned the cats and turned them into purses. Marjorie took up the hobby after a neighbor’s cat died and she decided not to let it go to waste.

Many readers of the Now8News story mistook the cat tale as truth and the story spread like wildfire. This just goes to show to research what you read to learn the truth. If Google doesn’t turn up several reputable news sources, then you should question whether the story is true.

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