Sad case of 10 cats and kittens abandoned outside Wake County Animal Center


Update: Correction these cats were found outside the Wake County Animal Center, which is a kill facility and not the SPCA. 

When reading the original Facebook post concerning 10 cats and kittens abandoned outside of the  Wake County Shelter facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, it would appear a typical cowardly abandonment made while they were closed. There’s a lot both sad and disturbing about this case. Please comment below as to what you believe occurred here.

Facebook: Friends of Wake County posted August 17

“Here we go again… This is what our kennel team found at the front door this morning. 10 cats/kittens total.  The amount of feces/urine in kennels would indicate they were living in the crates they were dumped in.

Now, these poor cats will have to sit on stray hold (waiting for an owner who isn’t coming to get them) taking up precious space when we could let them be adopted and leave had the owner only waited til the shelter opened and signed them over to us. Again, this is NOT the right way to surrender your pet. There is a BIG SIGN posted on the pillar next to these carriers telling people NOT to do this for safety reasons.

If you have to surrender your pet, is it really that hard to do it the right way?!?!”

A lot of the supporters of Wake County believe someone from out of the county abandoned the cats because most of the shelters in North Carolina are kill shelters, and their owner wanted them to have a good chance of finding a forever home.

Others believe this could be an overwhelmed rescue too afraid to ask for help or who are taking cats for profit and just wanted to unload them. Too bad there are no cameras outside the facility. Did the person who dumped these poor cats know this?

Now instead of being available for loving homes, these cats have to wait the mandatory 72-hour state law hold time for an owner who isn’t coming back. Then hopefully they’ll be adopted into loving homes by people who won’t throw them away, which by-the-way is animal abandonment and illegal.

According to Animal Legal and Historical Center,

§ 14-361.1. Abandonment of animals

Any person being the owner or possessor or having charge or custody of an animal, who willfully and without justifiable excuse abandons the animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Added by Laws 1979, c. 687. Amended by Laws 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 967, § 2; Laws 1989, c. 670, § 3; Laws 1993, c. 539, § 241, eff. Oct. 1, 1994; Laws 1994 (1st Ex. Sess.), c. 24, § 14(c), eff. March 26, 1994.

A lot of things concern me personally about this situation. One is the value of the carriers. Pet carriers aren’t cheap, yet these were left behind. The cats were possibly living inside the carriers-typical signs of a hoarder or an overwhelmed rescue.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Wake County Animal Control. Please leave a comment below on what you believe happened here? Was this an overwhelmed cat owner or something more sinister?

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    • I haven’t heard. All I’ve heard is the shelter is full there but some are about to go on the adoption floor. Everyone is hoping the SPCA Wake County will get involved. It’s just strange all those carriers being left.

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