Monroe officials discuss pet ordinance; residents with missing cats asked to contact Humane Society

Delores Marti

City officials in Monroe, Wisconsin are considering an update or replacement to their three dogs and three cats ownership ordinance for residents.  This comes after 92 dead and live cats were removed from the home of a 78-year-old woman who has been in trouble with the law in the past for hoarding. Residents with missing cats are asked to contact the Green County Humane Society.

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Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley stated Delores Marti, 78, had been cited twice before for having dozens of cats in two previous homes. The homes were in such deplorable condition that one had to be demolished and the other had to have extensive repairs. Marti’s 19th Street home is under order to be demolished in 30 days unless she can fix the issues. reported August 22 that the city code may be enough, or it may not be enough. There may need to be changes, such as a specific ordinance for animal hoarding. Anyone with a larger number of animals than allowed may need to have some sort of commercial operation, not just having the animals in their home. Or the city may just need to become more streamlined in enforcing laws already on the books.

Discussions have been started, but no timetable or formal proposal has been discussed at this time. Meanwhile, Green County prosecutors are still trying to decide whether criminal charges should be filed or whether Marti should receive only mental health treatment.

Many of the cats seized from the home may have an owner out there searching for their cat. The Green County Humane Society posted the following August 22 on their Facebook page

“We have received many inquiries from citizens of Monroe who believe their missing cat may be among those seized. If you are missing a cat from the area, please send a photograph and description (sex, altered status, distinctive markings) to We will contact you as soon as we’re able to let you know whether or not we could find a potential match.

For the time being, these cats will remain in isolation and not be accessible to the public as we continue assessing health and behaviors. When these cats become available for adoption, they will be posted on our website,

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  1. No new ordinances needed. Monroe Police chief Kelley is an idiot who has known about this Marti hoarding situation for YEARS!!! and done nothing whatsoever about it. Monroe already has an ordinance stating no more than 3 cats can be in a given household. Further, WI law has statutes against animal cruelty. This case and each of numerous times before this with Marti, clearly fall under that category. The judge who issued the search warrant did so per WKOW news as he suspected felony charges may be warranted. This has been happening in Monroe WI with the same offender since the late 90’s. The problem isn’t lack of ordinances or laws. The problem is the Monroe Police chief is a moron, and so is Gary Luhman the DA for Green County, both of which have refused to do anything to stop this. THAT is the problem. Anything else you hear is pure BS!

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