Whiteville shelter needs help with 50-75 cats expected from hoarding case


Columbus County Animal Shelter, located in Whiteville, North Carolina is in need of assistance from the community due to a case of cat hoarding.


According to Animal Control Director joey Price, the shelter is expecting between 50-75 additional cats to join the 100 cats already at the shelter. The shelter is maxed out at 100, which is the maximum allowed to ensure the health of the cats.

Prince says the woman involved has been feeding the cats and giving them water, but she isn’t sure how many she cares for and the cats haven’t received vaccinations or medical treatment. These expenses will fall on the shelter and will strain the shelter’s budget.


Food and litter are also needed. Joey is asking for donations of clay litter and kitten food, as well as potential fosters to step up and offer to take a cat or kitten until a forever home can be found. To do so now, before the majority of the hoarding case cats arrive, would be a big help to the rural shelter. Most of the cats caught so far are friendly, Joey reported.

Columbus County Animal Shelter has extended it’s hours to 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday to make the cats as easy to adopt as possible. Once the number of cats return to normal the hours may be readjusted.


Any rescues or those wanting to adopt the healthy cats and kittens presently at the Shelter is asked to call 910-641-3945, or visit the shelter at 288 Legion Drive, Whiteville North Carolina 28472. Gift cards mailed to the above would also be put to good use.

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Photos courtesy of Joey Prince.




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