Rescue groups working to save more than 120 cats found on Michigan veterinarian’s condemned property

Cats rescued from veterinarian's condemned property (ABC12 screenshot)

Rescue groups are working to save more than 120 cats found on the Perry, Michigan property owned by a veterinarian. What once was a cat sanctuary had fallen into ruin, with officials reporting the owner walked away, leaving the cats to die.

Attorney Troy Clarke is defending the owner saying she is there daily to care for the cats, and the report of them being abandoned is “completely inaccurate.” The cats were being fed and watered daily, according to Clarke.

An investigation began when Shiawassee County began receiving complaints of a possible cat hoarding situation. Undersheriff Walter McPherson says the veterinarian, who has been suspended pending an internal investigation, started out as a rescue operation and just got out of control.

Cats had taken over the home, a garage, and a barn, making it uninhabitable for humans, and the reason the property had been condemned.

Another veterinarian is doing medical examinations to determine whether the cats may be kept with other cats since rescue groups all over Michigan were on the property to assist in the rescue. The veterinarian still has ownership of the cats. McPherson noted he didn’t believe the cats were being neglected or starving.

No charges have been filed at this time, but could be in the future if the investigation determines abuse and neglect. Detroit Free Press reports Nancy Bischof is the veterinarian responsible for the cats. The address of the property is the same address listed for the Cat Project, a no-kill shelter that shows Bischof as the owner. It’s listed as a 501c3 non-profit. She’s listed as a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital near Phoenix on their website.

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