Upstate shelter mom and kittens sent to rescue with panleuk need help with vet expenses

Bessie and her kittens-all but 2 are dead from panleuk

A shelter mom and her kittens sent to a Charlotte-based rescue with panleuk need help with veterinary expenses.  They’re currently at CARE ICU, where they’ve been since Monday after being rescued by Saving Southern Kitties (SSK), a well-respected 501c3 known for saving death row shelter cats in North and South Carolina.

The vet confirmed the kittens contracted the disease while at Greenville County Animal Care (GCACS), as the incubation period is 4-7 days. Bessie and her little family were in the Greenville shelter for eight days. Susan Schreck, president and founder of SSK took them to a local Greenville vet three times within as many days, then to their vet in CLT. That vet transferred them directly to CARE ICU 24 hour around the clock hospital with specialists that same day (Monday). Three kittens have died, leaving two who are fighting for their lives.

Mom is sick but tested negative for the disease. She was vaccinated at intake. All also have coccidia which doesn’t help their condition. Panleuk kitties have around a 90% mortality rate. This was their only chance. The two surviving kittens are holding their own.  The cost is $1,000 per day at CARE ICU.

A YouCaring webpage has been set up here.  The final expense will surpass $6,000 and Susan, Bessie and her two precious babies need our help. Even a few dollars can make all the difference. Without our support, Susan won’t be able to rescue because there has to be a plan in place to take care of sick kitties, especially those coming out of shelters who don’t bother to tell rescues the cats they’re saving have been exposed to a fatal virus. (Note: This isn’t the first time this has happened at this shelter).

Please share this article with friends and donate a few dollars if you can. You may also donate through their website.


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