Rowan County Animal Shelter fails August 23 NCDOA inspection

Cat room in new wing at Rowan County Animal Shelter

According to an August 30 report by the Salisbury Post, Rowan County Animal Shelter, located in Salisbury, failed an August 23 inspection by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture during their annual inspection by the Animal Welfare Division.

Not acceptable violations committed by Rowan County Animal Shelter can be found in this PDF document (PLEASE READ!) and include

  • food and bedding protected
  • records matching animals
  • cats raised resting surfaces
  • waste removal 2x day
  • enclosure sanitized 2x day
  • method of sanitation

In the stray cat room the inspector found three cat cages that were very dirty. A cage holding a mother cat and five kittens held a feces-streaked box with litter on the inside and outside.

Kennel cards identifying each cat are not kept in the cat room, making it difficult to match up the cats. This isn’t the first time Rowan County has been lacking in their record keeping.

Paint is peeling off the dog runs, and dog bowls are rusting on the bottom of the bowls. Food that should have been stored in containers was found open.

Newspaper and bedding are to be stored in containers to prevent cross contamination of airborne illness. The inspector found newspapers and towels scattered across a table in the cat isolation room.

The afternoon sun shining into the cat rooms makes these rooms very hot. Window tinting was purchased, but it was the wrong kind and the issue hasn’t been corrected.

The inspector said she was told that afternoon cleaning staff comes in on each weekday except for Tuesdays. Staff says they spot clean during the day. Yet wet newspapers were found proving this statement false.  The inspector reported

“This was not the case during my inspection as the cages were left untouched with wet newspapers from at least 12:00 – 2:15 p.m.”

Rowan County Manager Aaron Church says he’s aware of the problems and says they’re being corrected. He blames the summer increase of animals and issues with the new cat room on why the shelter failed in certain areas.

Philanthropist Christine Morykwas donated funds for the new cat wing under the condition certain cleaning practices be used, including the cat room staying clean. It’s a shame Rowan County Animal Shelter has broken that commitment so soon.

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