Bright Eyes: Feral beauty is out of time at Concord kill shelter

Volunteers Helping Cabarrus Cats

Update: Rescued September 2016. Will be fixed then on to feral placement

This is Bright Eyes, a feral ginger beauty currently in the care of Cabarrus County Animal Control, a kill shelter in Concord, North Carolina. Bright Eyes has until 3 p.m. Thursday to find feral placement or rescue or he may be killed Friday.

You can help Bright Eyes by sharing his story and by clicking here to pledge toward his rescue.

URGENT FERAL Needs placement by 9/1/16 at 3 pm

CONCORD NC Cabarrus Animal Shelter ID: 1990
Species: CAT Gender: M Breed: DSH
Found: 8/22/2016
Notes: FERAL/ stray from Grace Ave in Concord Please contact the rescue coordinator by Thursday, September 1st at 3:00 pm if you are interested in taking this cat into your rescue or sanctuary.

 The Cabarrus Animal Shelter is located on 244 Betsy Carpenter Pl SW Concord NC. Please contact Jana Loos if you can help us rescue or adopt a cat from Cabarrus Shelter Cats. Jana is the new Cabarrus County Adoption/rescue coordinator, email Jana at or call (704) 920-3288 If you are interested in rescue or adopting a cat or dog.

You can also contact Marleen Jenkins at Cabarrus Shelter Cats volunteer Facebook community page here, by text at 704-425-4403 or by email at

Confirmation is needed as soon as possible. A veterinarian contracted by Cabarrus County Animal Control comes in by appointment one day a week to kill any cats who aren’t marked for rescue or adoption.

Social media has played a major role in saving shelter pets. Let’s do all we can to get Bright Eyes out of the shelter before time runs out. This shelter doesn’t play, and this sweetheart is unlikely to get a stay of execution if not rescued or placed.

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