Are changes being made for the animals at Tri-County Animal Shelter?

Courtesy of In Honor of Tri County Animal Shelter Cats & Dogs - Albany, KY

This is an update on the conditions at Tri-County Animal Shelter, located in Albany, Kentucky. The atrocities at the shelter went viral after a dead kitten was discovered on the floor of a cat room, and the cats were living in filth. Promises made just days ago are already broken. Are changes being made for the good of the animals at the shelter? It would appear not.

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The judge did meet rescues after the meeting at the shelter. The next day they let the rescue coordinator go. For about a week the judge’s wife sent pics of animals and met rescues for pickup. However, that has discontinued. At least 50 animals went to rescue during the time photographs were being shared.

An August 27 Update on Facebook: In Honor of Tri County Animal Shelter Cats & Dogs – Albany, KY by Chelsey Daffrn reported

“We will no longer be receiving photos of the animals in the shelter (Tri-County). Unless they hire a coordinator the employees from the court house will no longer be going in to take pictures and gather information for rescue. They will also no longer be willing to meet rescue after hours or weekends for pick up. This will drastically affect and diminish our rescue efforts.”

Clinton County Judge.Executive Richard Armstrong spoke at the August 18 Clinton County Council meeting stating

“First and foremost, there has been no blatant neglect or abuse. There has been human error, and these situations have been addressed and changes are being made.”

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Some animals were killed about a week ago, including several dogs who had rescue commitment. Now rescues are relying on volunteers for info and having to pickup during open hours. Still, 16 animals went to rescue a few days ago.

Another horrifying issue was the death of a baby kitten whose head was bitten off by a male left in the cage with the mother cat and her other kittens. Who does this? Why is this not animal cruelty for shelter staff to put a male in a cage with kittens?

Consider this: If animal control visited a private residence and found a dead cat on the floor and feces-covered cages with no/filthy food and water, someone would be charged with animal cruelty. It appears this shelter is operating above the law. Why? Just because these horrible conditions are occurring at a shelter shouldn’t make those responsible immune to charges.

Now no photos available so rescues know what animals are in the most danger (as if they won’t be killed after confirmation, regardless), and no after hours or weekend pickup for rescues.

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests have been made three times and go unanswered. Isn’t this illegal?

Volunteers have also ordered Accel cleaner to combat parvo problems. Even with the rescues, the shelter remains close to full. The next Clinton County Fiscal Court meeting is September 15. Rescues are trying to work with the county and shelter, but the relationship is tenuous.

If you would like to speak to someone about the treatment of the animals at the Tri County shelter their phone number is 606-387-0943. Or you can call the County Judge Executives assistant Joy Armstrong at 606-387-5234.

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  1. I have no idea who wrote this but they have some of there facts wrong. Just to let everyone know, I AM the Coordinator of the animal shelter and it’s my job to save the animals by getting them adopted out, ONLY to good homes, or rescued. And it’s now over 2 months since a dog has been euthenized because of over population , and in that time only 2/3 cats. As for the shelter, I invite anyone to come there and judge for yourself the changes made. No foul order, cleaned and sanitized EVERY morning, including the cat room and all cages & feeders, AND,,, we also have a volunteer lady that comes in every afternoon , attends to and re cleans the cat litter boxes and keeps the cats adopted out. we’ve also added a step in pan at each enterence to help in the prevention of spreadind diseases to our animals. ALL puppy’s get their shots and are wormed when they come in and many animals have left with transporters on Sat & Sun mornings or after shelter hours. We are making every effort to help these animals and take as good a car of them as we can before we get them adopted or rescued, but people seem to forget, we ARE a shelter for unwanted and over populating animals and we provide this service to the community. But, when WE have no more room, we are, though unwanted, faced with having to eliminate some. However, I repeat, we have not had to do that in over 2 months. It’s stressful, but we really hussel to get them out, safe and on their way to good homes. I personally , with help of some others , are planning on opening a Spay & Neutering Clinic in Albany with a 20.00 fee for cats and 25.00 for dogs, to attack the problem of over population at its origin. ( All donations are greatly appreciated to get this in place by the first of next year. Contact Janet Brummett at [email protected] . That should make an impact on the community as well. So I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what changes have taken place and continue to take place at the Clinton County shelter.

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