Alley Cat Allies is offering $2,500 reward for conviction in North Bethesda cat abandonment case


Alley Cat Allies is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for abandoning 15 cats in North Bethesda, Maryland, their website reported September 1.


An active duty serviceman jogging off Beach Drive on August 31 came across four adult cats and 11 kittens who were caged with food and toys but no water. Several of the kittens, still not weaned, had to receive emergency care. Alley Cat Allies stated

“Animal abandonment must be taken seriously. We ask the public to help us with any information about these cats and how they were left by the side of the road in North Bethesda,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “Thanks to this Good Samaritan, these 15 cats now have the opportunity to live out happy and healthy lives. This could have ended very differently if he hadn’t taken action to save the cats.”

Alley cat 2

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Alley Cat Allies Hotline at 240-482-1997. It’s illegal to intentionally abandon a domestic animal in Maryland. Alley Cat Allies is working with the Montgomery County Police Department Animal Services Division. They intend to pursue cruelty charges once the person responsible is identified.

All 15 cats and kittens survived and are currently in foster care. They’ll be placed for adoption through Alley Cat Allies as soon as they’re deemed healthy.

Photos courtesy of Alley Cat Allies.

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  1. Too funny. Becky Robinson starts-up yet another PR self-promotion campaign to rake-in more donations from easily manipulated idiots and fools — just another pathetically meager reward that she knows will never have to be paid (out of her $9million yearly income). Yet her whole organization is founded on the concept of financially benefiting from abandoned and re-abandoning cats so she can further exploit her dead and suffering TNR cats when scraped-up from all the streets of the world.

    I guess if she can look like she’s pointing the finger at everyone else she doesn’t have to explain why she has promoted the whole belief of torturing to death re-abandoned free-roaming cats that die under the wheels of cars, and worse — suffering-to-death from “TNR attrition” which she then exploits yet again for more fund-raising campaigns to line her and her friends’ pockets.

    None of you are bright enough to see right through this? Well, that’s a stupid question isn’t it. The answer to that it blatantly obvious.


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