Marion County Code Enforcement Officer allegedly shot and killed hundreds of cats


Update September 9 7p.m.: According to a report by WYFF4 News, 14 cats were found dead and Richardson has been fired. The County has requested the case  be turned over to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

A tragic situation is unfolding in Marion County, South Carolina where Marion County Code Enforcement Officer, Marion Richardson, has been accused of removing and shooting hundreds of cats from the Marion County Animal Shelter.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue posted the following statement by Founder and president Denise Bitz on their website.

“We are pleased to learn that County officials are taking swift action to investigate this case. We are petitioning the County to charge the officer to the fullest extent of the law.”

Richardson has been accused of multiple counts of animal cruelty after removing hundreds of cats and kittens under the pretense they were being located to local farms as working cats (mainly to kill rats). It was discovered Thursday he had been taking the cats to an undisclosed location, where he was shooting them.


In the past month Officer Richardson removed dozens of cats and kittens, who were likely used as target practice. According to Susan Floyd, Marion County Chapter Manager for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, all of those cats were friendly and just needed a good home. Some involved in saving the shelter cats even questioned why farms would need so many cats.

South Carolina Animal Law Felony Cruelty statute 47-1-40 (B) states,

“Whoever tortures, torments, needlessly mutilates, cruelly kills, or inflicts excessive or repeated unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal or by omission or commission causes the acts to be done for any of the offenses is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be punished by imprisonment of not less than one hundred eighty days and not to exceed five years and by a fine of five thousand dollars.”

Shelter workers at Marion County Animal Shelter are devastated about the allegations and the fate of hundreds of cats. Brother Wolf is also concerned as to whether any reports were ever made about Richardson shooting cats, and did any officials know of his behavior. Bitz stated

“If this is all true, then Richardson has cruelly massacred possibly many hundreds of innocent cats and kittens and lied to shelter officials to conceal his actions. That would make him a serial offender, fully aware he was breaking the law. That’s why we are petitioning the county to seek the maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and $5,000 fine.”

Contact numbers for Marion County, South Carolina government can be found here and here (mobile users). Please, no threats against Richardson. This is an ongoing investigation.

Updates will  be made on the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Facebook page as they become available.

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  1. This evil monster needs put away for a long time. These people that abuse animals will get their day but need to pay so we can see it. These abusers also need to have a large sign in their yards or on their cars, large print, that they are animal abusers for the remainder of their lives. 🐱❤️

  2. I don’t know what any of you are complaining about. If this is true then they were just practicing TNR and RTF (return to field) programs for all those cats. Just like all those cat programs that you yourselves promote, support, and engage in. They only died of your loving and humane TNR-attrition. Just like what happens to every last unwanted cat that you put back. If nothing else now you get to celebrate and rejoice in one of those TNR or RTF programs actually working to reduce cat populations — your true goal. No more rose-colored-glasses where you don’t have to see what happens to those cats under your love and devotion for them.

    You should be thanking this person for proving that TNR and RTF programs actually do reduce cat populations! One of the few times it actually worked to do what you all relentlessly claim they do, but they never do.

    You should all be so proud of yourselves. Now you get to see what your beliefs and values really do in the real world. 🙂

  3. Wow Kim. How you can get TNR into the conversation about some idiot SHOOTING cats is really something. You are one mean person. You should vent your nasty sarcasm in a thread about TNR. That’s not what this is about.

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