Brother Wolf Animal Rescue petitions for felony charges against Marion County man accused of killing cats


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue has started an online petition demanding felony animal cruelty charges against a Marion County, South Carolina man accused of killing cats. Marion County Code Enforcement Officer Marion Richardson was fired this past week after it was discovered 14 cats he removed from Marion County Animal Shelter were shot instead of being relocated to a farm for mice control.

A statement about the investigation on the cat shootings was made by Susan Floyd, Chapter Manager for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue – Marion County, SC Chapter can be found in its entirety below (so please share with friends who don’t use Facebook)

“To those asking me questions about what is going on…
There is an ongoing investigation and if that is compromised in any way, he could go free. I, nor anyone involved, will give you any information or answer questions because we ALL want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

That said, I will acknowledge the fact that Tim Harper immediately called in SLED and, it is my honest belief, that he knew nothing of this beforehand and is as disgusted as we all are. He said he wants complete transparency and everyone has been told to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Those of you who choose to make the shelter director accountable for the actions of someone who was higher up on the county totem pole, need to seriously reassess the situation. I can, with 100% certainty, say that Angel Rogers is devastated and these thoughts are haunting us all. She was told that these cats were going to places where they would have food, water, shelter, and some human interaction. These cats were carefully selected as ones that liked to hunt mice and preferred to be outdoors. She had them altered before they could leave because she understands the importance of preventing overpopulation…this, alone, should be enough evidence that she had NO idea.

The focus should be on the person who did this and his absolute betrayal and gross misuse of authority. You may read the stories and be appalled, but you did not hold those animals in your arms and hand them to off to the person who did this. You did not spend time going through pictures and assessing personalities to see who would enjoy that lifestyle better. You did not find money in a tight budget to alter cats that were going off to be mousers. You do not feel responsible for every single set of eyeballs that haunt your dreams…if you can sleep.

If everyone who loves the animals would band together and stop trying to compete for the credit of who does it better, imagine where these animals could be. There would not have been any to send to the “farmers” or for anything to happen to. As a community, we need to take care of our animals and do what we can as a collaborative effort for THEM, not for our egos and not based on the past.

I cannot speak for those I am not in regular contact with, but I will hold steady in that Angel Rogers, Morgan, Fletcher, Dennis, Tim Harper, nor myself, had any idea of this or any other maltreatment of the animals at Marion County Animal Shelter. This is an absolute abomination and we hope that no animal will ever have to be a victim of any violence. If it is discovered, I know that this team will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the animals of Marion County.”

This tragedy is one more reason animal advocates need to pay attention to how many cats are being taken from a shelter by one person and to have a follow-up plan in place to ensure the cats are in a safe place after their rescue.

Please share and sign the petition. Some comments have been made on social media that hundreds of cats killed by Richardson a gross exaggeration. Perhaps it is, but considering how many cats he pulled from the Marion County Animal Shelter, the accusations are most likely true.

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  1. I don’t know what any of you are complaining about. If this is true then they were just practicing TNR and RTF (return to field) programs for all those cats. Just like all those cat programs that you yourselves promote, support, and engage in. They only died of your loving and humane TNR-attrition. Just like what happens to every last unwanted cat that you put back. If nothing else now you get to celebrate and rejoice in one of those TNR or RTF programs actually working to reduce cat populations — your true goal. No more rose-colored-glasses where you don’t have to see what happens to those cats under your love and devotion for them.

    You should be thanking this person for proving that TNR and RTF programs actually do reduce cat populations! One of the few times it actually worked to do what you all relentlessly claim they do, but they never do.

    You should all be so proud of yourselves. Now you get to see what your beliefs and values really do in the real world. 🙂

    • Wow, if you only had a brain. TNR does work, as a matter of fact very effectively if you don’t have CRIMINALS that obviously intend to engage in acts of cruelty rather than transport these cats to outdoor homes as he had claimed he would. Obviously this man NEVER INTENDED on placing these cats, only killing them. He’s a sick individual that needs to be prosecuted and never be given the opportunity to be around animals again. I can only assume from your post that you are not fond of animals, have little compassion and would much rather complain than be part of the solution.

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