Cat found torn in half in Indianapolis: Was it a wild animal or is this animal cruelty?

cat found cut in half (RTV6 News)

An Indianapolis, Indiana neighborhood is on edge after a cat was found torn completely in half of the southeast side of the city. Indianapolis authorities now believe it was an attack by a coyote rather than an act of animal cruelty.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) officers have concluded the cat found was torn in half by a coyote or a pack of coyotes. They say there have also been the remains of ducks and geese found in the same area.

In a September 9 interview, Susan Hobbs with the IACC told RTV6 News

“A coyote will attack an animal many times and bite it right in the middle,” IACC’s Susan Hobbs said. “That’s where the organ meat is. That’s what they’re going for. It’s not unusual to see coyotes in that area and that is more than likely what happened.”

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) disagrees with the IACC, saying a coyote will take off a kill to finish eating it or to feed it to their young. Because the cat was only partially eaten leads DNR conservation officer Angela Goldman to believe the cat was most likely killed by a feral or loose dog.

The cat had been where it was killed for several days, which makes an accurate determination on what happened more difficult. It wasn’t microchipped or ear-tipped (TNR feral). Regardless, this is just one more reason to keep your cats inside if at all possible. Especially since many residents don’t believe the cat was killed by dogs but by a sadistic individual.

What do you think? Wild animals or animal cruelty? Sound off in the comments. Personally, I think this cat was too neatly sliced for an animal to be responsible for its death.

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