Members of Main Street community in Arlington grieving after more than 20 community cats missing or found dead

One of the few surviving cats on Main Street in Arlington

Members of the Main Street community in Arlington, Texas are grieving after more than 20 cats have disappeared or been found dead over the past two weeks.

The feral colony lovingly cared for by the community once numbered over 100 but that number has reduced to around 30 over the past four years since a TNR program was put into place by the Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter, who made sure the cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

Jana Holland, owner of Collected Treasures on West Main Street in Arlington has been feeding the feral colony since her business opened several years ago. The cats have been in the area for more than a decade. Now all that remains are two cats and a row of crosses that cover two streets along Main Street in memory of those poisoned.  Food mixed with poisoned pellets of what look to be rat poison were found near one of the places the cats feed.

White crosses line Main Street in Arlington
White crosses line Main Street in Arlington

According to Arlington Police spokeswoman Sgt. VaNessa Harrison, a police report was filed by a business owner on August 27. Harrison stated in an interview with

“We have been provided a name of someone that has allegedly threatened to poison the cats,” Harrison said. “Based on this lead, an investigation will be conducted.”

One Main Street resident found a dozen dead, including a mother cat and two-week-old kittens. The community has pulled together to do a GoFundMe webpage in an effort to raise $5,000 as a reward to catch the person poisoning the cats.  Jana posted a statement on the webpage

“We feel we know who is guilty inasmuch as threats were made and words of hate spoken, even though the cats actually bother no one.  An active investigation has begun, but it could be a long process……but  we do not intend to stop until the person responsible for such a heartless and hanious crime has been arrested and convicted of  the felony of killing animals.  

We are asking for donations in order to post a reward for an arrest and conviction of the coward killing our cats and to send a message about the seriousness of harming innocent animals.  We need the money right away to intice someone to step up and tell us what they saw…..the sooner, the better.”

Right now the community is worried more of the missing cats will be found dead, and that more crosses will be added in memory of innocent lives lost.

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