University of Idaho is speaking out on their killing of free-roaming cats


The University of Idaho located in Moscow is speaking out after a petition gathered more than 10,000 signatures asking for officials with the university to stop the trapping and killing of free-roaming cats.

The petition says the cats are trapped then evaluated by the campus veterinarian. Then depending on the cat’s behavior, it may be killed.

Jodi Walker, Director of Communications at the university, spoke with KLEW News, stating

“People were noticing a family of sick feral cats that had built a nest here on campus and so the campus veterinarian offered to assist with this. One of course is the disease that they can carry that they can spread to other animals and the other is the killing of song birds.”

This story made headlines after seven feral cats were caught. The campus veterinarian decided they were too sick to recover and the cats were euthanized using first CO2 to sedate the cats then an injection to kill them. Walker stated this is a method of euthanasia approved by the American Veterinarian Association. Since the killing was performed by a licensed vet, the University of Idaho stands firm that no laws were broken.

The university says they’ll now move forward on how to handle “nuscience animals” and to be more transparent on how they’re handling the feral cat issue. Their goal, they say, is to use the best practices possible.

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