Case of Craven County Jamboree kitty set on fire has been put on hold indefinitely

No justice for Jamboree

According to a September 19 report by CBC News, the charges against a man and a teen male who allegedly set a cat on fire after dousing it with alcohol at the Craven County Jamboree in Lumsden, Saskatchewan have been “stayed.” In legal terms, this means the Crown has decided not to pursue charges due to the unlikelihood of a conviction.

Although the two men were charged with causing distress and injury to an animal, Crown prosecutor Drew Gillespie told CBC News the stayed charges can be re-opened at a later date, but that rarely happens. Gillespie provided a media statement

“The case at hand has a high public interest given that we have a vulnerable injured animal involved. But on the admissible evidence provided, the Crown cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt who injured the cat or that the cat’s condition was bad enough to put those who possessed it under a legal duty to obtain help for the animal.”

Apparently, the Crown can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the two men are the ones responsible for injuring the cat named Jubilee, nor could they prove Jubilee was injured seriously enough for it to be a legal duty for whoever possessed the cat to seek veterinary treatment.

The abuse took place in early July and detailed in the two National Cat Reporter articles listed below

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