Tennessee woman charged with animal cruelty; 17 dogs and 5 cats removed from filthy home

courtesy of Maury County Sheriff's Office

A Columbia, Tennessee woman was charged with animal cruelty after neighbors who complained for months were finally heard by Maury County authorities.

According to a September 15 report by WSMV News, the Maury County Sheriff’s Office and Maury County Animal Control recently showed up at the home of Diane Gilbertson after months of complaints, where they discovered 17 dogs and five cats who were living in three inches of feces, with cat hair on everything.

Although the animals appeared to be well fed, due to the conditions in the home they were flea-ridden and filthy.

Neighbor Ellen Avel describes Gilbertson as an animal lover who got in over her head and couldn’t say no to people needing help. The animals were seized and are currently in the care of Maury County Animal Shelter until Gilbertson appears in court on October 5.

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