Update on Penny, a beautiful 16-year-old cat rescued from Marietta shelter


This is an update on Penny, the senior cat rescued this past week from Cobb County Animal Control, a kill shelter in Marietta, Georgia. Click here to read the story on this 16 year old girl adopted from this same shelter back in 2000.

Penny went to see a veterinarian September 22 after being rescued by Half the Way Home so the rescue could learn more about her seizure disorder and what they can do to help improve her quality of life. Penny had a full blood panel done, an assortment of tests, and a thorough checkup with one of the best doctors in the metro. (Shout out to Dr. Banner at Greater Atlanta Veterinary Medical Group!)

The tests showed that Penny has hyperthyroidism, which she will now take medication for every day. She has a follow-up visit scheduled with Dr. Banner in six weeks to see how the meds are helping. In the meantime, her foster has instructions to keep a journal of her seizures to see if there is any pattern.

Penny’s tests, meds, and vet visit cost $300 and most of those will have to be repeated again in six weeks. Half the Way Home will need donations to give her the best possible continual medical care.  They’ve started the Pretty Penny Fund, which will go towards Penny’s medical care and the medical care of other senior cats they rescue in the future.

An update stated Penny ate some Kitten Chow Friday morning.

You can donate via their website or their Facebook page.

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