Just S.N.Y.P. It.: Hall County group to offer $10 program for those who can’t afford to spay/neuter their pets


We all know the animal shelter overpopulation issue begins with owners not taking responsibility and spaying or neutering their pet. A group of concerned citizens in Hall County, Georgia are doing their part to give back to their community and to hopefully reduce the number of animals who end up in the Hall County Animal Shelter.


Caryl Hammock and several concerned citizens are starting a new spay/ neuter program in Gainesville.  Just S.N.Y.P. It. The spay-neuter program will be offered to those who cannot afford to spay and neuter their pets. For a $10 fee, a cat or dog will receive a spay or neuter and a rabies vaccine.

Motivated and heartbroken to see how many puppies and kittens dumped at the Hall County Animal Shelter each year, Caryl also volunteers taking pictures of the cats at the shelter. Shelters who enlist the services of a good photographer have shown an increase in adoption rates, because the first impression of a cat or dog is what motivates a potential adopter to visit the shelter.

S.N.Y.P. It will have their first fundraising event on October 1st. A yard sale at 1705 Cleveland Highway in Gainesville. They’re presently accepting donations and hope to have a bake sale that day too. The concerned citizens behind this new program are excited to get things rolling and hopefully reduce the unwanted animals in their community.

For more information, or to make a donation to the yard sale, contact Caryl via Facebook.

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