Alley Cat Allies speaks out on Texas veterinarian sentenced after killing cat with a bow and arrow

Kristen Lindsey sentenced (Photo courtesy of Alley Cat Allies)

Alley Cat Allies has spoken out in a press release on the Texas veterinarian sentenced today after killing a cat with a bow and arrow in April 2015. This article at will bring you up to date with the decision made October 18 by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Kristen Lindsey was given a five-year suspended sentence. During the first year, Lindsey is prohibited from working in the veterinary field, but after that, she’ll be under supervised probation and can practice veterinary medicine.

Misty Christo, Alley Cat Allies’ lead attorney on the case stated on the Alley Cat Allies website

“Only a permanent revocation of Kristen Lindsey’s license is an acceptable ruling given the level of contempt for animals she has demonstrated. She shot Tiger, dangled him by an arrow through his head as he slowly died, and then celebrated the killing on social media with a grisly photo. She clearly broke the public trust we place in veterinarians and should never practice medicine again. With this ruling, animal owners may soon unknowingly place their animals in the care of a veterinarian who grossly violated her oath to prevent animal suffering. That’s why a full license revocation was the only choice to protect both the veterinary profession and animal owners who may work with her in the future.”

Lindsey has 20 days to request a re-hearing from the TBVME, and 30 days to appeal to state District Court.

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