Attorney for Texas veterinarian calls Tiger supporters ‘animal rescue zealots’

Tiger supporters called 'animal rescue zealots'

The attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has spoken out in an email to The Washington Post, where he called those who crusaded for justice for a cat named Tiger “animal rescue zealots.”

The October 18 email by Brian Bishop reads in part

“We are also disappointed that the Board has, for all intents and purposes, chosen to take sides in the culture war between the animal rescues zealots — who have campaigned to destroy Dr. Lindsey and her family — versus rural property owners who have the right to protect their property and their own animals from feral animals who are destroying their property and threatening their own animals.”

Bishop also stressed it’s not unusual for those living in rural areas to dispose of feral cats on their property, but admits Lindsey shouldn’t have taken to social media bragging about her kill.  He believes the case would never have gone forward if we didn’t live in a social media driven environment and stresses Lindsey didn’t act with criminal recklessness.

Kristen Lindsey also took to news media Wednesday on an episode of Inside Edition stating

“At the time I made the Facebook post, at the time that it happened, in my mind, I had killed a feral cat. There is a feral cat coming to my property, I had issues with it, I killed that cat.”

Lindsey said it was terrifying to wake up to find out people in Switzerland wanted her dead for killing Tiger. Poor Kristen. Has she experienced even a teeny tiny bit of the terror Tiger felt, hanging from the end of an arrow after being shot by a person who promised to heal animals-NOT to harm them?

Animal rescue zealots? So that’s what those who defend animals are being called. Cheap shot, Bishop. This will only enrage the public even further. Most people are animal lovers and think it was a horrible thing for Lindsey to do, killing a feral. Being a veterinarian is a 24/7 career, and intentionally killing a pet cat is looked down upon by those who have followed this case, including other veterinarians who condemn Lindsey for her actions.



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