Disturbing conditions found at Bennettsville Animal Shelter


This very disturbing article comes out of a rural animal shelter located in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Photos that were taken there by a Moore resident to show shocking scenes of animal neglect and possibly even animal cruelty.


The Bennettsville Animal Shelter is located off of West Main Street at 110 Huckabee Street. The scene was described as follows

“My sister and I were visiting in Bennettsville SC yesterday when we came across a sign that read “Animal Shelter” so we decided to take a look as she is thinking of possibly bringing a dog back with her to Maine. This is what we came across. No food or water for most of the animals and the smell of feces and urine everywhere. There was little light and most of the animals were petrified. We found a freezer full of black bags 🙁 I believe they gas the animals here. The gate was open and no one was working here. No one to talk to to find out what is going on. We found the Humane Society of Marlboro county, but it was closed. There was feces in the pens outside. My sister and I are just sickened by this. It broke our hearts to drive away, but we didn’t know what to do.”

Exterior of Bennettsville city shelter
Exterior of Bennettsville Animal Shelter

Animal advocates have started contacting those who may be able to help, but more calls and emails are needed to ensure these animals are treated better. The Humane Society of the United States South Carolina branch replied saying that the local humane society has already been in touch with the mayor and the county administrator has been notified.


They also suggested that contacting city council is a good idea which they are more than happy to do so. They’re also going to follow up tomorrow.

Dog found alone and terrified
Dog found alone and terrified

Bennettsville, SC info below

Animal advocates should contact those listed below, as well as members of Marlboro County Council, found on their website.

City of Bennettsville
501 East Main St.
Bennettsville, SC 29512

tel 843-479-9001
fax 843-479-9009

Bennettsville Animal Shelter
City Government Office
110 Huckabee St
(843) 479-7550

State Senate Pet Care and Humane Treatment Info below

Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee . . . (803) 212 – 6230
House Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Committee . . . (803) 734 – 3022

sagricomm@scsenate.gov. In the Subject line please use PCHTSC.

Black bags found in freezer
Bags found in freezer

The animals were fed and watered before leaving and the Moore resident began contacting animal advocates to get them help. They already had several family pets in her vehicle and had no way to rescue these poor cats and dogs.


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  1. This is horrific! Charges need to be filed against the people responsible and the animals taken to a clean, safe place!

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