Multiple cats shot, killed and injured after being dumped in Burke County, NC


UPDATE December 12 from Rena Rikard. Please contact her via Facebook if you can help with vet bills.

“We caught a total of 8 cats and found another one that was deceased yesterday. Unfortunately, the yellow one that was extremely sick passed away about four hours after I got it to the house. Animal control took five that were still alive Friday, we caught 8 alive yesterday, and there are three that were deceased at the time we were looking. Since Friday we have found/recovered 16 cats. We have a vet appointment for the injured/sick ones at 7:30 this morning. Any help that could be offered in funds towards the vet bill would be greatly appreciated as I’m not a rescue. I’m just a single person that loves animals. Two other people assisted me, Lisa Tessener and Carol Compton in catching/recovering these babies. We all just love animals. Thank your for your support with this issue.”

This occurred on Roger Hill Road in Connelly Springs, North Carolina, which is near South Mountain State Park and is under the jurisdiction of Burke County. A couple of these photos are graphic and I’m sorry. I won’t post them here, but they can be found on Rena Rikard’s Facebook page.


Please read the entire post and if you know anyone in the area that drives the vehicle described in this post or if your think you know the owner of these two babies, please contact Rena Rikard via Facebook.

All the cats appeared to be at least one year old and older. Their story is below:

“As i was leaving a friends house yesterday on roger hill rd a light silver dodge ram with 3 people in it passed going slow which i thought odd. So i pulled out going home and passed it again coming back . It had dog crates in the back i turned around and didn’t see it. I turned around before the bridge and if I had kept going to the bridge I would have seen them put out 10 cats and throw the kennels in the weeds. My friend tells me today when I talked to her around 2:00 today she come thru at 10:30 am they were there. We go down to catch them and try to rehome them only to find someone had put out food for them and while they were eating someone shot them to death. A shotgun , 22 and a 9 mm was used to kill them. We found 2 dead , 1 was paralyzed from the neck down still alive , 1 had a broken hip, 1 was really skinny matted hair, 2 were got in good shape, there are 3 we didn’t catch. Please if you know anything about this message me. I promise you will not be involved and no one will know who you are. This community needs to pull together and stop this. People are always putting puppies , dogs , cats and kittens out at this bridge. These are some of the pics we took.Please send this to everybody you know !”

Be on the lookout for a light silver Dodge Ram and also keep your ears open about someone bragging about killing multiple cats as they ate. This type of abuser loves to tell their story, so someone out there knows something. They may or may not live in the Connelly Springs area of Burke County, North Carolina.

Rena posted an update Saturday that she received information from a neighbor that a silver truck with a short white heavy set male with a beard was at this location the same day. The neighbor stopped and watched the guy and the guy put the kennels back in the truck and left. He had to return and dump the cats out.

Law enforcement was called out and took a report.

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