Animal rescuer in Mexico needs funds to help cat receive care in the U.S.


A beautiful kitty named Kory was rescued a few months ago in Mexico and had a loving family ready to adopt her when she developed a condition that wouldn’t allow her to walk normally.

At first, her veterinarian thought it only was an obstruction in her ear which could cause her loss of balance. But after a week of treatment, she didn’t improve.

Leukemia has already been ruled out and Kory is on antibiotics, hoping that would help. X-Rays didn’t help, so now a GoFundMe has been set up for Kory to be sent to the U.S., where she can be checked out and treated properly.

Posted by Luis Aguilar Reynal on Friday, April 14, 2017

The funds are going to be used to pay expenses already generated plus the ones that will be needed in the USA , from medication to every test available to find out what is causing her balance problems.

Rescuer Luis Aguilar Reynal has done all he can using Mexican resources and is operating out-of-pocket. He has more than 50 animals in his care and desperately needs help.

Please share this widely and if you can, donate a few dollars. Contact information is on the fundraiser page.

I am merely the go-between to help Kory. Any questions or concerns should be directed toward Luis on his Facebook page.



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