Forever homes needed for 20 cats rescued from York County hoarding situation


This is a plea asking for forever homes for a group of 20 adult cats who once lived in a hoarding situation in York County, South Carolina. The cats, ranging from four to 12 years old, are the only ones left out of 250 who still need homes of their own.

Cyril & Cosmo

Sandy Evans and her group of volunteers from Cats Cottage in Pineville, NC bailed out a failing South Carolina rescue five years ago. The rescue was more of a hoarding situation and York County finally shut them down.

You can view these beautiful cats on at Cats Cottage in Pineville, NC and on the community Facebook page for Cats Cottage in Pineville NC.


Cats Cottage is a top notch 501c 3 non-profit organization that provides excellent care for their kitties and in-depth research on their adopters along with vet checks and home visits. Their adoption fee is very low at $40 and they will accept their kitties back if the adoption does not work out.

Please share these beautiful cats with friends in the Pineville, North Carolina area. All contributions are tax deductible.

Sandy can be reached at 803-493-6401 or


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  1. They aren’t the only ones left from that situation still needing homes. My rescue, Carolina Cats in Columbia, still has 14 of the 18 we ended up with after bringing them to Columbia to be fixed, as they were all having kittens with each other. They are Tootsie, Scotty, Sarah, Raven, Minky (previously called Inky), Bronwyn, Yoshi, Lucie (previously called UC), Cassidy, Amber Fiona, Anya, Jonah, Stripe, and Doyle (formerly Puff). Although we had no room, we ended up providing them with what we hoped would just be temporary shelter when we realized there was no proper plan by their previous rescue to save them, and so far it has turned into a five year commitment. We’d love it if at least some of th could get adopted. I’m 70 this year and a cancer survivor, but I likely won’t be around to see them live out the whole of fheir lives and they deserve real homes. Columbia area potential adopters can meet most of them on our Petfinder listings at

  2. That should read “at least some of them could get adopted,” and “our Petfinder listings at” – autocorrect was in overdrive!

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