Welcome cat lovers!

National Cat Reporter is your new place for cat news!

National Cat Reporter will cover cases of cat abuse, cat rescue,  along with shelters and volunteers who are working to help the cats in their care find a forever home and much much more.

Crossposters: You’ll love this site filled with shelter cats from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia cats. All beautiful babies who need and deserve a forever family. Your efforts at sharing the cats increases their chance for adoption or rescue. The majority of this website will focus on shelter pets, because this is where all of us can make the most difference in the cat world. Thank you all for your tireless efforts!

Cat abuse and neglect: While being a difficult topic, it’s import to stay informed about the monsters who walk among us, who take pleasure in hurting helpless animals.

Cat dangers and cat health: Cats face dangers on a daily basis. Some are obvious, others not so much. This topic will cover any recalls on cat food as well.


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